I´m Carolina Cáceres, a coach specialized in accompanying and guiding personal changes

Through different techniques based on neuroscience (Coaching, NLP, Bio-neuro-emotion®, PSYCH-K®, among others) we work to solve what limits the growth of your projects.

Transform your life

Heal your body, disarm limitations, and transform your partner.

Create the future of your company

Strengthen your workgroups and manage change in your organization.

I accompany you through an effective and powerful process that will be a before and after in your life

I help people, couples, and workgroups to discard ideas, blockages, and beliefs, achieving a life aligned with what they want to achieve.

I’m a systemic coach and Bio-neuro-emotion® companion; I have been working since 2004 in health care, and since 2014 I specialize in helping to improve the emotional life of those who contact me.


The methodology addresses physical symptoms or current conflicts by exploring the hidden repressed emotion, your history, and triggers involved.


Key to your subconscious mind to strengthen your enabling beliefs and facilitate the achievement of your goals with your full potential in your side.

Systemic Coaching

Reflective and creative coaching process that inspires you to maximize your personal and professional potential to achieve the results you want.

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