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About Me

Wellcome and Embrace Quality into your Life!

“Life not lived is a disease that you can die from”


Join this journey now and get the sense of what true well-being feels like!

I deeply thank those who have taught and accompanied me throughout this journey, inspiring me to overcome my fears and enrich my mind with diverse and complementary knowledge in my lifestyle.

Psych-k® Health and Wellness Program, Duccio Locatti, Rob Williams, Myrddin Corporation.

Unleash The Power Within – New York, Tony Robbins.

Bioneuroemoción®Diploma of Torreón University, Enric Corbera Institute.

Professional Ontological Coaching with LeadershipEscuela Formación de Líderes.

Hipnosis Clínica Reparadora®Armando Scharovsky, Instituto Scharovsky.

Fisioenergetics – Basic and Advanced Holistic Kinesiology, Daniel Perez de Pedro, Osteonatura, European Foundation of Alternative Medicines.

Inner Dialogues Workshop, Norberto Levy.

Psychoneurodontology, Christian Beyer’s Method.

NeuroSciences and Cognitive Psicology Specialization, Escuela de Formación de Líderes.

Team Coaching, Alain Cardon. MetaSysteme.

Fundamentals I – Systemic Coaching, Alain Cardon. MetaSysteme.

Fundamentals II – Systemic Coaching, Alain Cardon. MetaSysteme.