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Well-being and Health

Finding your body’s natural balance. Relieving your mind and aligning it with your body. Reconnecting your desires with your aptitudes and innate abilities. Integrating your inner self in your daily life to manage your health.

Objective Achievement

Understand how your mind works along with your high and low emotions, and how they condition your actions. Recognize the thought beneath the emotion to lead your reactions by empowering your attitude towards difficulties and put them on your favor in the achievement of your goals.

Destroying obstacles and limits

Identification of your current self. Limits, obstacles and fears recognition. Projections of who I want to be. Responsibility – Self-motivation – Discipline.

Family relationships and resonances

Analysis and interpretation of the information from the family tree and their expression in interpersonal relationships. Awareness of unconscious patterns inherited from dysfunctional behavior. Psychogenealogy and Dental Decoding.

Social contribution

For every shared workshop, a free chat will be offered at a non-profit institution.

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