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It is a humanistic method based on scientific, philosophical and humanistic disciplines that studies emotions and their relationship with beliefs, perception, body and interpersonal relationships.

It is a different way of perceiving the world in conjunction with other disciplines including the understanding of the information transmitted by our culture and our family, aimming at achieving freedom and emotional well-being.

It promotes a vision in which everything we live has to do with us, ceasing the position of victims of a situation and that we have the power to transform it through a change of perception.

Dental Decoding

It consists of reading the information that the teeth have in order to allow the patient to become aware of a relational conflict. The analysis and understanding of this information provide an important complement to the genealogical study and to the biological decoding of the individual.

With a good odontological diagnosis we can locate and work on the cause and type of conflict or concern associated with the pathology and thus bring balance to it. For example, caries indicates unresolved unconscious conflicts, and according to which tooth and which surface, its causality.


Based on the latest findings on cerebral neuroplasticity offers a simple and quick way to change the information of the subconscious without the need to relive the trauma or conflict. We know that from the womb to six years old, the information received determines our perception of the world and how we to react to it, knitting a learned network of beliefs and values ​​that support your behavior.

Anyone can change limiting beliefs through “balances” and thus rewrite with expansive beliefs the software of their mind to print out actions and achieve a goal.

Physiotherapy (Holistic Kinesiology)

It is a form of communication with all levels that “construct” the human being: Physical, Chemical, Electromagnetic, Emotional and X-Factor. This system that uses the Muscle Test as a bio-information mechanism and diagnostic tool (what in the field of kinesiology is known as AR -Arm Reflex-) evaluates the level of conscious and subconscious stress that affects each component and the ways to bring balance. Then, through the appropriate stimuli, the AR gives all the information necessary to know or diagnose: what, how, why and what is the best solution.

It integrates different health therapies such as: Traditional Chinese Medicine, homeopathy, nerve and circulatory reflex points, manual therapies, phytotherapy, energy medicine, nutrition, biochemistry and natural medicines, among others. It complements reason with intuition, science with the alternative. It is, in sum, a complete system to rebalance and reinforce vital energy and improve health.

Ontological Coach

Ontological Coaching is a learning and transformation process through the use of language, corporality, emotionality and intuition. It challenges culturally rooted paradigms, with the purpose of performing effective actions of the person and / or groups easily, within a framework of respect and commitment. This discipline proposes the model of “Observation, Action and Result”: the actions and the results depend on the type of observer a person is. By expanding the field of observation or focus, we can see new possibilities of action, previously not considered, approaching our goal and improving the quality of our lives and the type of person we are.

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