Carolina Cáceres

About Me

Carolina Cáceres

I am a woman of persevering spirit, motivated by change and finding new ways to overcome me, with clear goals to make my dreams come true.

My dreams and visions are my primary motor for motivation and development. Traveling since I was a child, I carry experiences from different cultures and lifestyles with me, including the difficult and painful ones; that’s how I have learned to manage myself internally. I started my professional life as a dentist and my curiosity took me to expand and complement my outlook with different methods and techniques that connect people with an integral well-being. Through individual sessions, programs and workshops, I offer a combined approach of techniques so each person receives these complements successfully.

I studied Dentistry in the Universidad Argentina J. F. Kennedy, with a postgraduate specialization in Orthodontics & Functional Jaw Orthopedics. I’m a PSYCH-K® facilitator (Basic – Advanced – PRO – Health & Well-being). I was formed in Ontologic Coaching at the Formación de Líderes School. BioNeuroEmotion® and NLP companion for the postgraduate specialization at the Enric Corbera Institute and the Universidad de Torreon, Mexico. I achieved a holistic approach through my Physio-energetic – Kinesiology formation at the European Foundation for Alternative Medicines and I’m thankful to Daniel Perez de Pedro, from whom I received the teaching of this vision. I’m also a High Performance Reader (LAR, in Spanish) under the tutelage of my beloved Nora Beltran, from Nobel Asesores. All of this has been embellished throughout the years with my passion for photography, where Diego Cabales has been my mentor in this art.

I deeply thank those who have taught and accompanied me throughout this journey, inspiring me to overcome my fears and enrich my mind with diverse and complementary knowledge in my lifestyle.